People living on the Capricorn Coast know how hot and humid the weather can be with average temperatures in the high 20- and 30-degrees ranges – sometimes even more! The winter months can drop in temperature too, so it’s ideal to be able to temperature as we like.

Been able to control the climate we live and work in is an important step in ensuring our lifestyle is comfortable and people of all ages can reside at a livable and safe standard.


A quality air conditioner will provide this for homes and businesses across Yeppoon all year round.

Types of Yeppoon Air Conditioning that residents and businesses can enjoy


There are a number of types of air conditioners Yeppoon locals can choose from for use in their home or business space.


The following section describes the types of air conditioners we can install:


Split System:


These systems include two units being the control fan unit and compressor. The compressor for each unit is installed outside the building with the control fan unit on the wall of a room or living/working area. This unit control’s the temperature and fan speed.




This type of system includes a compressor installed outside the building, pushing cool air into a series of ducts, piped throughout the ceiling space.


These ducts push cool air into a room via a vent. The temperature can then be controlled individually for each room as preferred.


Multi Head:


As the name describes, this system comprises of one compressor unit outside the building, pushing cool air into multiple controller head units in different rooms. Similar to the split system with multiple controller fan units.


These systems are ideal when there is limited space to fit compressors around the building area or limited ceiling space for a ducted system installation.


Ceiling Cassette:


These systems are ideal in situations where there is limited wall space to install a split system and limited ceiling space for ducted. The cassettes are fitted into the ceiling as a grill and can provide climate control for larger areas.


These systems are relatively easy to clean and maintain.


How to choose the right A/C system


The decision comes down to a number of factors including budget and the size of the space that needs to be cooled.


Smaller spaces can consider the split system or multi head air conditioners to cool specific rooms within the building and take up less space outside the building.


Larger homes may consider an integrated ducted A/C system to cool all the rooms within the building and control the temperature in each room individually.


The team from Rockhampton Cooling Shop can provide an onsite appraisal and discuss the best options for your needs.


We can provide the best known brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu.

Service and Maintenance for Yeppoon air conditioners


Like any mechanical or electrical system, regular maintenance is key in ensuring the unit will last and reduce your energy costs.


Cleaning the filters and inspecting the electrical, gas and mechanical parts will help make sure that the air conditioning system is operating efficiently for many years to come.


Rockhampton Cooling Shop can provide these services for your system as required.


Why Choose Us?


We have over 10 years’ experience with a fully licensed team of professionals on board. We also offer interest free finance options to help you get your air conditioner sooner.


Contact us today to arrange a free appraisal where we can help you choose the right air conditioner for your home or business, or book online today.

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