Split Systems

Available in a range of sizes, from 2.0 kilowatts to 9.5 kilowatts, split system air conditioners sit discreetly on a wall, providing cooling or heating to different areas of the home. Split systems are the most cost-effective way to control the climate of single areas in your home.

While there are countless different things to consider when searching for the right air conditioner for your home, split systems are widely considered one of the most popular and budget-friendly air conditioning solutions for the home.

We Can Supply and Install Your Air Conditioner:
Rockhampton Cooling Shop have a huge range of options, including the biggest brands in the business. From Fujitsu to Daikin, Rockhampton Cooling Shop has got the right Split System Air Conditioner for you.


Climate Control in Your Home

Split System Air Conditioners are ideal for individual spaces in your home. Perfect for bedrooms, these systems can cool or heat your space to the desired temperature quickly and easily, so you’re comfortable all year round.

Perfect for kitchens, media rooms, livings rooms and open plan areas, split systems air conditioners are an ideal solution to most homes.

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