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We’ve got just what you need. Whether it’s business or residential, we’ll do an onsite evaluation of your location, so we can assess your requirements and understand exactly what you want. We can suggest or design the right system for your environment and budget.


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Split Systems

Varying in sizes, from 2.0 kilowatts to 9.5 kilowatts, split systems are discreetly designed to sit mounted to a wall. When sized correctly, split systems are energy efficient and one of the most popular options for residential applications.

Ceiling Cassettes

A fantastic alternative to a split system, ceiling cassettes and under ceiling units are ideal when wall space is limited or simply not available. From 2.5 kilowatts to 14.5 kilowatts these systems are an excellent option for large areas of the home or commercial office spaces where other systems may not be suitable.

Multi-Head Split Systems

These systems are able to air condition up to four different areas at any given time. The perfect choice for when outdoor space for a condensing unit is limited, these multi-head split systems can utilise wall-mounted, ducted, and ceiling type air conditioners at the one time. Energy efficient, they’re a great way to air condition the entire home.

Ducted Systems

Ducted systems are the most discreet air conditioning option available. A single outdoor unit, combined with air outlets in the ceiling, ducted air conditioning systems allow you to control the temperature of the entire home with ease. Coupled with the correct zoning system this option is the most cost effective way to air condition your entire home.


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220 Kent Street
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