Multi Head Air Conditioner

When outdoor space for the condensing unit is limited, a Multi-Head Split Air Conditioning System is an excellent alternative. From 5.5 kilowatts to 12.5 kilowatts, these systems have the ability to air condition up to five different spaces at once.

Multi-Systems utilise wall-mounted, ceiling, and ducted air conditioners at the same time, and are a fantastic energy-efficient option for your home.  Find out more about multi-head air conditioners in Rockhampton.


These systems are perfect if you want to cool multiple rooms using only one outdoor unit and have the ability tp control each indoor units temperature individually.


These air conditioning systems solve the problem where there is limited space for outdoor units or insufficient ceiling space for ducted air conditioning in the building.

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Live Your Way

Your house isn’t just a building – it’s your home. It’s the place that you live and entertain, laugh and create memories. Ensure that your home is climate controlled for your family and friends with your Multi-Head Split System.

Cooling or heating up to five different areas at the one time, this system provides ideal climate control, so you can live your life your way, without suffering from the heat.


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