Ducted Air Conditioning


Ducted Systems aren’t new in the world of air conditioning, yet they still offer the most discrete option for air conditioning every room in your home. A single outdoor unit, combined with air outlets positioned in the ceiling, ensure this system stays out of your way.

Ducted systems provide temperature control for each room in the house, making it the most cost-effective way to air condition your entire home.

Rockhampton Cooling Shop provides the best brands and the latest technology. We can design zone requirements to fill your needs. With a My Air 5 Zoning System, you’ll even be able to control your air conditioning unit from anywhere with phone service in Australia.

Climate Control for your home is simple and easy with a Ducted Air Conditioning Installation.

For all of your air conditioning Rockhampton needs, call our team today.

Look Out For Your Family

Air conditioning isn’t always just about comfort. Summers in Australia can be intense, and in some cases it isn’t a case of comfort at all – it’s about safety.

Babies and the elderly are particularly susceptible to the heat. A Ducted Air Conditioning System allows you to control the temperature of each and every room in your house, ensuring everyone inside is protected from the heat.

Your family can sleep in peace with these efficient air conditioning systems that give you climate control year round.


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