Commercial air conditioning installations are far more complex than domestic installations. These systems run for longer periods of time, accommodating larger varied spaces so preventative maintenance and regular repairs are important.

What’s Included in a Maintenance Service?

A maintenance service is a thorough check of the air conditioning system in full. All componentry and products will be inspected by your technician to ensure perfect performance and longevity of the system. Any repairs or replenishment of chemicals will also be done at this time.

Our regular maintenance schedule includes:

  • Clean and/or replace air filters.
  • Check fan rotation, mountings and bolts.
  • Inspect cooling coil.
  • Inspect electrical connections, wiring and PC boards.
  • Clean and test condensate drain.
  • Inspect all other drains.
  • Monitor air conditioner operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge and added if required.
  • Inspect blower components – clean and adjust as necessary.
  • Inspect condensation coil – clean as necessary.
  • Lubricate all moving parts as required.
  • Clean large debris from outdoor coil.

Signs the Air Conditioner Is Not Working Right

Other than the fact that it’s hot and uncomfortable inside the building, there can be other tell-tale signs that the air conditioning system is not working or may be about to fail. These include:

  • Unusual noises in the ducting or around the compressor motors.
  • Inconsistent set temperature – hot and cold.
  • Increase in temperature.

If you notice any of these changes, contact your commercial air conditioning technician as soon a s possible.


How Often Should A System Be Serviced?

For commercial locations like offices, shopping centres, restaurants, we recommend at least two services per year. In locations where there is a high level of pollutants such as hairdressing salons, beauty salons, or where temperature is critical like server rooms, we recommend at least three services per year.

Benefits of Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular maintenance and repairs will ensure the longevity of the air conditioning system and provide:

  • Prevention of breakdowns
  • Reduced additional expenses
  • Lower running costs
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reduced carbon footprint

We can help schedule regular ongoing maintenance with our experienced technicians.

Schedule Your Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

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